333 Old Mill Road #324 (805) 967-7667 Santa Barbara, CA 93110 wveigele1@aol.com


Ten years experience as technical writer, writer, editor, and book publisher.

Six years experience in infrared technology including research, program management, product line management, and marketing of research, ManTech, and production contracts. Established the first mercury cadmium telluride (HCT) research and production line at SBRC.

Seven years as a full time, and twelve years as a part time college and university professor.

Seven years experience in environmental work including: air and noise pollution modeling and monitoring, design and construction of monitoring systems, traffic surveys, managing and performing environmental impact statements, and land use planning, organizing air pollution control associations, and expert witness testimony at hearings.

Twenty years of experience in nuclear weapons effects, hardening, survivability, and lethality of materials, devices, and systems. Designed and managed underground nuclear test (UGT) experiments. Director, Hardening Technology Department, Applied Sciences Department, and Photon and Charge Particle Transport Department.


B.A. - Mathematics, Hofstra College, Hempstead, New York

M.A. - Physics, Hofstra College, Hempstead, N.Y.

Ph.D.- Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado


Retired after twenty-two years with the U. S. Naval Reserve. Three years active duty in World War II. Commanding Officer Naval Research Reserve Co. 21, Denver, Colorado.


Raytheon Electromagnetics System Div., Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Research Center (SBRC), Goleta, CA

General Research Corp. (GRC), Santa Barbara, CA

Electrical and Computer Eng'g. Dept., UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA

Environmental Division, County of Santa Barbara

Colorado Dept. of Highways, Denver, CO

Medical Care and Research Foundation, Denver, CO

Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp., Long Island, NY


Secret Top Secret Q



1995 - Present

Owner of the company. Writer, editor, and publisher of fiction and nonfiction books.


1984 - 1989

Department Director. Program Manager on contracts for underground nuclear tests (UGT). Principal investigator on gyro vulnerability and hardening study, photon and neutron code development, radiation damage in materials, and studies on vulnerability of infrared focal plane arrays. Interaction of laser beams and plasmas with materials. Opacity studies. Heat and radiation transport modeling. Developed photon transport codes. Radiation damage in optical fibers. Solved various physical and mathematical problems. Generated ideas and wrote proposals.


1979 - 1984

Program Manager, Senior Scientist, and Product Line Manager. Research and development and radiometric testing of infrared detectors and systems. Did research on silicon detectors to improve performance. Studied defects in HgCdTe detectors. Developed standard methods and standard detectors for radiometric testing. Designed and assembled a gamma ray laboratory for testing nuclear effects of infrared detectors. Evaluated vulnerability of focal plane arrays and electronics to nuclear weapon and space radiations.



Did special analytical studies. Acted as liaison between Raytheon, Goleta and the Raytheon Research Center advising each entity on what technical capabilities the other offered and needed.


1974 - 1978

Founder and President. Did research on environmental effects including air pollution and noise. Did modeling and monitoring. Established monitoring systems. Was environmental consultant for Colo. Dept. of Highways and performed environmental studies and impacts of highway projects. Gave expert testimony to Colorado Senate hearings. Managed first air pollution analysis and plans for Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments. Gave expert testimony at public hearings. Managed environmental impact statement for construction of large electric coal burning power plant. Did environmental impact statement for revamping of highway system in Colorado Springs. Organized and co-chaired first Air Pollution Control Association in Colorado Springs. Co-chaired Traffic Control Association for Denver. Managed air pollution study for Hershey Co., Pennsylvania.

Established division of RSI at Kappa Systems Inc. and was Vice President of Kappa Systems. Developed a division of RSI at Mission Research Corp.


1964 - 1974

Senior Scientist and Program Manager of contracts for vulnerability survivability, and hardening of missile, electronic, aircraft, communications, and sensor systems. Developed Monte Carlo codes for photon transport. Developed theory for low energy x-ray cross sections and cross sections for ionized atoms and plasmas. Developed electron beam simulation techniques and calculations of energy deposition in particle loaded materials. Derived three phase thermodynamic equations of state. Worked on neutron radiography. Evaluated vulnerability of masers. Did nuclear fallout studies and transferred the technology to air pollution modeling.


Williams College, Mass. Instructor in physics.

Hofstra College, N.Y., Instructor in

Engineering and Physics.

Parsons College, Iowa, Professor and Head of

Physics Dept.

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, Instructor in Physics.

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, Part time Lecturer in Physics.

University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, Part time Visiting Associate Professor in Physics, Nuclear and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Sigma Xsi, Honorary Research Society

Sigma Pi Sigma, Honorary Physics Society

Sigma Alpha, Honorary Engineering Society

Patent and Publications Awards, Martin Co.

Publication Award, GRC

Publications and Performance Awards, Kaman Sciences Corp.

NSF Science Faculty Fellowship


International Atomic Physics Conference

Gordon Research Conference

Invited Papers:

Infrared Detector Technology


Faculty Affiliate, Colo. State Univ., Atmospheric Science

Correspondent for the journal Optical Spectra

Vice Chairman, Air Quality and Transportation Advisory Committees

Scientific Journal article Peer Reviewer for:

Physical Review

Journal of Applied Physics

Journal of Chemical Physics

American Journal of Physics

Journal of Atmospheric Environment


American Men and Women of Science

Leaders in American Science

Men of Achievement

Who's Who in Science, Engineering, and Business

Who's Who in the West

2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century

International Scientist of the Year 2001


Articles in Technical Journals

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Journals in Which the Articles Were Published

Physical Review Letters

Physical Review

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Journal of Chemical Physics

Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

Journal of Applied Physics

Journal of Chemical Education

Journal of Physics and Chemistry

Journal of Radiation Effects Research and Engineering

Philosophical Magazine

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Handbook of Spectroscopy

Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association

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